26 International Students from 15 Countries Joined UMP Summer Camp 2017

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Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) through its International Affairs Office (IAO) held Summer Camp 2017 from 18 to 20 May 2017. The event was attended by 26 international students from 15 different countries.


The activities on the first day involved cooking competition, fruits and vegetables decoration competition, quiz on Indonesian insights, and visit to Jenang Jaket home industries in Mersi, Banyumas.


On the second day, the participants carried out a number of activities such as playing games, swimming in Telaga Sunyi, Baturaden, and visit to home industry of mushroom.


On the last day, the participants went to Ketenger village to do social activity. They helped people to paint a small mosque in the village. “We thank to UMP and all participants of Summer Camp 2017. It is really useful since next week Ramadan month is coming and people can comfortably use this mosque”, said Sulaiman, the headman of Ketenger village.


Dr. Jebul Suroso, the Vice Rector for Development and Partnership Affairs, said Summer Camp 2017 with the theme Learn, Share, Care was the first summer camp held by the university aiming to give holistic information about Indonesia to the participating international students.


“Learning is our goal here. We share knowledge and culture of participants’ countries, and we also show our care to society by doing social activity”, he said to the mass media after opening the Summer Camp 2017.”


In addition, he said that this event can deny the existing issue of Islamic Phobia in the world. “They will feel comfortable in Purwokerto where most of people are Moslem including the committee. Everyone will treat them very well so they will no longer think that Islam is radical. That is what we do”, Jebul explained.


Alex Aleman, a participant from Ecuador and a student of Technology Institute of Bandung (ITB), was the only participant from the farthest country in South America. The reason he joined the Summer Camp 2017 was to enrich his knowledge about Indonesian culture and Purwokerto in particular.


 “I wanted to learn the local culture of Central Java particularly Banyumas. I like any traditional music from Java such as Angklung and Gamelan”, he said.


26 students of 15 countries joining Summer Camp 2017 were from Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan, India, China, South Korea, France, Timor Leste, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Ukraine, and Belize. (RPW)


Again, 3 Students of UMP Go to Thailand! Start Here Go Anywhere

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After the success of International Teaching Practicum Program in Malaysia involving 15 students from Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) again sent its students to undertake the Teaching Practicum in Thailand. They are M. Muchlis Romadon, Zakia Ashif Fauziah, and Sekar Ayu Wardhani from English Education Department. The program will be carried out from April 1 to May 10, 2017 in Buranakarn Suksa Witya School, Pattani, Thailand. The students will do teaching learning process as well as extracurricular activities at the school.

 The program initiated by International Affairs Office (IAO) of UMP is regularly conducted by FKIP to boost UMP internationalization. The International Teaching Practicum Program allows the participating students, who have finished their 5th semester, to gain international experience and enrich their knowledge about global education.

Santhy Hawanti, Ph.D., Director of IAO UMP and the one initiating the program, said UMP will regularly send its best students to do international programs such as International Teaching Practicum, International Student Community Engagement, Student Exchange, etc. "We always try to increase the number of student mobility exchange so that the vision of being a World Class University can be realised sooner," she said.


Dr. Ns. Jebul Suroso, S.Kp., M.Kep., the Vice Rector for Development and Partnership affairs, said it is a real measure of UMP in achieving its vision to be a World Class University. “We have made a number of agreements with international institutions, so we have to take advantages of it by undertaking mutual collaboration with them such as by doing this International Teaching Practicum Program,” he said.


In addition, UMP also has received some international students either to study or to do internship at UMP. So far, UMP has received more than 30 international students from Thailand, Korea, China, USA, Morocco, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Netherland, Italy, and France. In the near future, UMP will carry out International Student Community Engagement Program. (Nov/Fei)



UMP – Universiti Teknologi Petronas Signed an MoU

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With spirit ‘Start Here Go Anywhere’, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) persistently expands its partnership with both educational and non-educational institution abroad. It is because UMP is planning to be world research university in 2031. Recently, UMP signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), a well-known university in Malaysia. As stated in the agreement, lecturers and students of UMP have opportunities to get full-funded scholarships as well as the allowance from UTP.


 “It is a good opportunity for UMP to develop the partnership with UTP. Considered one of the most well-known universities in Malaysia, UTP has a vision of future technology. Their vision matches with ours, that is to become an excellent, modern, and Islamic university,” said Dr. Ns. Jebul Suroso, M. Kep., the Vice Rector for Development and Partnership Affairs.


UMP and UTP share similar research objectives. The two universities are now pursuing to be a world research university. UTP receives 6 stars in the assessment from Malaysian Research Assessment Instrument (MyRA) for its research, development, and commerce efforts.


 “UMP has been granted a category ‘main cluster’ from the ministry of Research and Technology. It means UMP already has good resources, management, outputs, and research applications and development,” said Anjar Nugroho, S.Ag., M.Si., MHI., the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of UMP. (Gun translated by Nov)


Bonjour, Purwokerto: French Intern of UMP

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Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) is now on its track to be a world class university. A number of international programs have been undertaken such as International Teaching Practicum Program, Credit Earnings Program, Student and Staff Exchange, Summer Camp, International Student Community Engagement, BIPA Program, and International Internship.


The international internship program of UMP allows international student to do internship at UMP for a certain period. Recently, UMP has accepted new intern, Kevin Sabourin from France. He will be working at the university for 6 months started on March 13, 2017.


Kevin is a master degree student of Department of Languages in University of La Rochelle, France, and studies English and Bahasa Indonesia at the university. He speaks Bahasa Indonesia quite fluently. In addition, it is not his first experience in Indonesia. Previously, in 2013 he lived in Bandung for 6 months and studied at Universitas Padjadjaran in the student exchange program. No wonder Kevin got used to the culture of Indonesia very easily.


“Due to the time difference and the long trip from France to Indonesia, I just experienced jet lag a bit. However, I could cope up with it in a few days after my arrival and now I am able to sleep at night and everything is going alright,” Kevin said.


At UMP, Kevin will help the university build up the international atmosphere by doing a number of academic and non-academic activities such as visiting classes and schools, teaching English, translating documents, proofreading, joining football exhibitions, etc.


Santhy Hawanti, Ph.D., the Director of International Affairs Office of UMP, believed Kevin’s presence will be beneficial for the development of UMP internationalization. “Now we are pursuing to become a world class university. This international internship program will surely boost the internationalization of UMP and help us establish the international atmosphere at the university. With his ability to speak three languages (Bahasa Indonesia, English, and French), I believe Kevin is able to contribute a lot for UMP,” she said. (Nov)


UMP Signed MoU with 12 Most Well-Known Universities in Taiwan

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Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) with the other 33 Muhammadiyah Universities signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 12 most well-known higher education institutions from Taiwan in the occasion organized by the Central Board of Muhammadiyah in hall KH. Dahlan Gedung Pusat Dakwah Muhammadiyah Jl. Menteng Raya No. 62 Central Jakarta.

The MoU under the name of University of Muhammadiyah Leading Group and Tainan Universities Alliance contains 5 matters e.g. students exchange, faculty cooperation, scholarships and staffs, curriculum development cooperation, mutual research collaboration, cooperation on culture, economy, norms, society and politics with impacts on modernity of technology with global competitiveness.

According to Dr. Ns. Jebul Suroso, S. Kep., M. Kep., the vice rector for development and partnership, it is a good news for the academicians of UMP and for the Muhammadiyah higher education institutions since the MoU indicates significant achievement for the internationalization of Muhammadiyah to establish modern education.

 “This partnership is beneficial not only for UMP or Muhammadiyah but also for the education in Indonesia. The benefits from this partnership will elevate the quality of education in Indonesia. It enables us to share the educational concept, system, and management. Those are what we need now in order to improve the quality of higher education in Indonesia,” explained Jebul.

Meanwhile, Santhy Hawanti, Ph.D., the director of International Affairs Office of UMP (IAO UMP), said this MoU will make any practical cooperation between UMP and those 12 Taiwan universities easier. “The door has been opened. Soon, IAO UMP will disseminate this information to the deans of faculties and heads of department in UMP in order to undertake the cooperation in the near future. We necessarily need to do real action in a little while,” she emphasized.

The event was attended by Dr. H. Haedar Nashir, M.Si., the chief of PP Muhammadiyah, and -Te Lai, M.D., the major of Tainan, Taiwan. It is reported that 33 Muhammadiyah universities took part in the partnership, e.g. Universitas Muhammadiyah (UM) Purwokerto, UM Tangerang, UM Jakarta, UM Buton, UMPalangkaraya,UMMataram, UMSumatera Utara, UM Sukabumi, UM Maluku Utara, UMB anjarmasin, UM Kendari, UM Tasikmalaya, UAD, UM Sidoarjo, UHAMKA, UM Bandung, UM Makassar, UM Gresik, UM Semarang, UM Aceh, UM Palembang, UM Surakarta, UM Ponorogo, UM Surabaya, UNISA Yogyakarta, STISIP Muhammadiyah Rappang, STIKES Muhammadiyah Klaten, STF Muhammadiyah Tangerang, STKIP Muhammadiyah Enrekang, STT Kebumen, STIKES Muhammadiyah Gombong, STIEM of Muhammadiyah Cilacap, STIKES Muhammadiyah Palembang, and STKIP Muh Rappang.

12 Taiwan universities participated in the event were National Cheng Kung University, Southern Taiwan University of Sceince and Technology, Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan National University of The Arts, National University of Tainan, Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology, University of Kang Ning, Tainan University of Technology, Taiwan Shoufu University, Far East University, Kun Shan University, and Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science. (Gun translated by Nov)


UMP Holds a Stake in the University Consortium Muhammadiyah Malaysia

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Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) together with other 11 Muhammadiyah higher education institutions in Indonesia holds a majority stake in Asia E University, one of the most well-known private university located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is stated in the letter of assignment number 04/TGS/I.A/2017 from the central board of Muhammadiyah on February 12, 2017.


It is reported that the reason Muhammadiyah decided to hold stake of Malaysian university is due to the easier process of university establishment in Malaysia than in other countries. In addition, most universities in Malaysia have been considered a world-class university and have been ready for the doctoral study development.


Dr. Ns. Jebul Suroso, S. Kep., M. Kep, the vice rector for development and partnership of UMP, said that the action of UMP together with the other 12 Muhammadiyah universities in holding stake of Malaysian university is the real effort to be the world-class universities.


 “We are preparing to be a world class and research-based university in 2031, and it is one of our strategies. Moreover, it is also an internationalization of Muhammadiyah,” he said.


Furthermore, Jebul explained the process of acquisition can be accomplished this year. Therefore, in the new academic year in September 2017, Muhammadiyah universities can send its lecturers to continue their doctoral study at Asia E University. “It is in line with Muhammadiyah’s objective that in the next three years there will be 1000 lecturers with doctoral degree at Muhammadiyah universities,” he explained.


The 12 Muhammadiyah universities holding stake in the consortium are Universitas Muhammadiyah (UM) Purwokerto, UM Surakarta, UM Surabaya, UM Malang, UM Jakarta, UM Semarang, UM Sumatera Utara, UM Palembang, UM Yogyakarta, UM Makassar, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, and UM Prof Dr Hamka. Since the majority of the stake is held by the Muhammadiyah universities, the name of Asia E University will possibly be changed to University Consorsium Muhammadiyah Malaysia (UCMM). (Gun translated by Nov)


International Affairs Office of UMP Held a Workshop on BIPA Management

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Bahasa Indonesia is an obligatory language to use by foreign workers in Indonesia.  The regulation number 24 year 2009 regarding the national flag, language, symbol, and anthem states that the foreign workers must be able to speak Bahasa Indonesia. It is reported that there are more than 70.000 foreign workforces in Indonesia. This fact presents a good opportunity for educational institutions in Indonesia to provide training of Bahasa Indonesia for those foreign workers.


Therefore, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) through its International Affairs Office (IAO) conducted a two-day workshop on Management of BIPA Program in Higher Education Institutions on March 2-3, 2017. The workshop which took place at AK Anshori hall of UMP was attended by 47 participants from universities all around Indonesia.


Yusro Edy Nugroho, S.S., M.Hum (the head of Affiliation of BIPA Teacher and Activist/ UNNES), Drs. M. Muzakka, M.Hum. (the committee of Darmasiswa Program/UNDIP), Emma Maemunah, M.Hum. (Balai Bahasa Jawa Tengah), and Santhy Hawanti, Ph.D. (Director of IAO UMP) were invited to the workshop.


Yusro talked about the management of BIPA program in Higher Education Institution. There are four pillars of well-organized BIPA management e.g. academic, managerial, administration and immigration, and information and marketing pillar. Further, Yusro emphasized that everyone involved in those four pillars need to work together so that the BIPA program will run well. “BIPA is not only about teaching Bahasa Indonesia to foreigners. It’s more complex than that. All related parties must get involved in it,” he said.  In addition, Muzakka discussed regarding the Darmasiswa program. In his presentation, Muzakka introduced the Darmasiswa program including the requirements, management, and any technical things about the program. Meanwhile, Emma Maemunah from Balai Bahasa Jawa Tengah, explained the material about the role of Balai Bahasa Jawa Tengah in the development of BIPA in central Java. She presented some facts about BIPA and Bahasa Indonesia such as the increasing interest of foreigners to study the language.


Apart from that, Santhy shared her experience of managing BIPA program at UMP. She explained a lot about how BIPA program of UMP grows and what challenges have been faced so far. “In order to provide excellent BIPA Program for the students, there should be support from the institution. Therefore, the higher education institution running this international program must apply the management with international standard,” Santhy said.


Moreover, Dr. H. Syamsuhadi Irsyad, MH., the Rector of UMP, appreciated the enthusiasm of the participants coming from Universities from all around Indonesia. It was reported that they were from Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali, and even Sulawesi Island. “I am grateful that this workshop successfully attracts the participants not only from Java but also from other Islands. I hope the participants can take the advantages of the material presented by the experts that have been invited to this workshop,” said the Rector.


Dr. Jebul Suroso, the Vice Rector for Development and Partnership Affairs, said BIPA must be developed through workshop or seminar. “BIPA needs to be developed as a bridge of the internationalization of institutions due to its strategic role,” said Jebul in his closing speech. (Nov-kui)


UTM Malaysia Warmly Welcomed UMP Students to Do Teaching Practice

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With the vision “Start Here, Go Anywhere” Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) runs a number of internationalization programs. Recently, UMP sent 15 achievement students chosen from Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) of UMP to Malaysia to undertake teaching practice program (PPL) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The program is planned to run for 29 days from February 16 to March 16. 2017.


Prof. Dr. Baharuddin Aris, Ph.D., the dean of Faculty of Education of UTM, warmly welcomed the students of UMP represented by Drs. Pudiyono, M.Hum., the dean of FKIP of UMP on Tuesday, February 14. In the meeting, both UMP and UTM are committed to mutually develop their students.


 “We are expecting 15 students sent here can take advantages of knowledge and skills. The differences found in this campus will help them develop their competences,” said Pudiyono.


Referring to the data from International Affairs Office of UMP, the university has run international programs in collaboration with 37 countries around the world involving the cooperation of Tri Darma of higher education such as Education, Research, and Community Services. (Gun translated by Nov)



15 Students of UMP to Teach in Malaysia: START HERE GO ANYWHERE!

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Asean Economic Community (AEC) becoming the popular issue nowadays insists all citizens of the South East Asian countries, including Indonesia, be well prepared in terms of international-level capability. Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) with its tagline START HERE GO ANYWHERE is committed to prepare its students with ability to compete in this global world. One of efforts done to undertake the internationalization is the implementation of International Teaching Practicum in Univesiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) for the students from Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) for 28 days.

Last week, UMP through International Affairs Office (IAO) conducted a briefing for the students before they leave for UTM. The briefing attended by Santhy Hawanti, PhD., the Director of IAO, Drs. Pamujo, MPd., the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs of FKIP UMP, and Pratik Hari Yuwono, MA., the lecturer of FKIP UMP was for giving the explanation of any important information before the students’ departure to Malaysia.

Dr. Jebul Suroso, the Vice Rector for Development and Partnership Affairs, believes this international teaching practicum program is very important to show how UMP wants to position itself in the international level. “This program is intended to give both academic and cultural experience for our students. As a vice rector, I give my appreciation for the dean of FKIP and the director of IAO for implementing this program. In the future, we are expecting to have more collaborative activities such as community services for all faculties,” said Jebul.

Moreover, Santhy who has experienced of living in Australia during her doctoral study and in Bulgaria while teaching Bahasa Indonesia in the SAME Program from the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) gave motivation and preparation so that the students will be mentally ready to teach Malaysian students at schools in Johor Baru region, Malaysia. “You all have to enjoy any challenges you face in your life, so you’ll find it easier to solve them. Believe in yourself!” said Santhy.

Apart from that, Pamujo told the students to behave well, obey any rules during their stay, and save face of the university’s reputation. He wants to ensure the students are completely ready to undertake this teaching practicum. In addition, Pratik emphasized this program is so beneficial and valuable that the students need to take as many advantages of it while learning and gaining experiences in Malaysia. The students will carry out this international teaching practicum program from February 14th to March 15th, 2017. (Nov-kui)


UMP-Sofia University Undertake Erasmus+ Programme

13 February 2017 by News and Events 104 Views

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Inter-institutional agreement is a programme funded by Erasmus+ with which the institutions involved agree to cooperate for the exchange of students and / or staff in the context of Erasmus+. They commit themselves to respecting the quality requirements of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education in all aspects of the organization and management of mobility and agree on a series of quantitative and qualitative measures to ensure mobility of high quality and impact.


Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) now has an Inter-institutional Agreement with Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria. This agreement is a result of a long discussion done by Santhy Hawanti, PhD, the Director of International Affairs Office of UMP, with representatives from Sofia University during her stay in Bulgaria. Sofia University that has been one of program countries of Erasmus+ sent an offer of inter-institutional agreement to UMP.


The inter-institutional agreement signed by the rectors of both universities enables UMP to send its students and/or staffs to Sofia University in order to improve their competences and the other way around. Sofia University proposes the humanities and languages subject areas of the student and staff mobility for this inter-institutional agreement. However, a further discussion between UMP and Sofia University can be undertaken in order to decide another subject area to include in the agreement.


Santhy explained this staff and students mobility can be carried out twice a year with the student mobility period of 2x5 months and staff mobility period of 1x10 days in one academic year. The students of UMP may take subject(s) in Sofia University which can possibly be counted towards their degree at UMP. In addition, the staffs sent to Sofia University will do teachings at the university for 10 days in accordance with their discipline. Dr. Jebul Suroso, the Vice Rector for Development and Partnership Affairs of UMP believes this agreement will help UMP boost its internationalization. UMP: Start Here Go Anywhere! (Nov-kui)

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