The Rector of UMP Received an Honor from Joko Widodo

23 January 2017 by News and Events 184 Views

The event when Dr. H. Syamsuhadi Irsyad, MH., the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP), received an honor for the category of inspiring figure and financial institution from Financial Services Authority (FSA) given directly by Joko Widodo, the President of Republic of Indonesia became the first outstanding record of UMP at the beginning of the year. The Rector accepted the honor on behalf of his university which supports to establish the habit of savings and financial product investment.

The honor was given in the occasion of early year meeting of financial services industry in Presidential Palace on Friday, January 13, 2017. The rector was accompanied by Joko Purwanto, M.Si., the Vice Rector for General and Financial Affairs. Joko Purwanto said this achievement was due to the initiative done by UMP related to the financial access improvement. Recently UMP broke the national record of the most stock syaria investors in a higher education.

The record was broken after 2000 participants including students and lecturers had invested their money in a form of syaria stock. The Indonesian Museum of Records (also known as MURI) also gave an honor for UMP in October last year. In that occasion, UMP also opened a gallery of syaria investment in the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB).

The rector appreciated the achievement undertaken by all academicians of UMP. He encourages all academicians to persistently improve the positive contributions of the university not only in educational field but also the economy of Indonesia. (Pra translated by Nov)

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