Other 3 Thai Students Graduated from UMP This Year

21 December 2016 by News and Events 83 Views

               After Mahroso Doloh, a graduate from Department of Indonesian Literature and Language Education (PBSI) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP), other 3 Thai students finished their study in UMP within 4 years. They are Mirfat Chehama, Rosuenee Islam, and Saripah Ya-Koh, all studying in Pharmacy faculty. They officially graduated from the university after attending the 57th graduation ceremony held by UMP on Saturday 24th September 2016.


               The Thai students continued their study in UMP after accepting the scholarships offered by Central Board of Muhammadiyah in Indonesia. A Memorandum of Understanding has been made between the Central Board of Muhammadiyah (PP Muhammadiyah) and The Southern Boarder Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) regarding the arrangement of scholarship. Several private universities of Muhammadiyah were appointed to accept the Thai students willing to go to universities in Indonesia. UMP was assigned 8 Thai students in the first batch of the scholarship grantee.

               Rosuenee, Mirfat, Saripah, and five other Thai students living in the southern part of Thailand were able to speak Malay. However, International Affairs Office (KUI UMP) through its BIPA Program (Language course for Non-Native Speaker of Bahasa Indonesia) provided BIPA class for them to learn the language as well as the culture of Indonesia.

              During their study in the faculty of Pharmacy of UMP, the three Thai students got used to the habit, language, and culture in Purwokerto easily because of the supports given by the campus, their friends, and neighbors where they stayed. Furthermore, their colleagues in the pharmacy faculty helped them understand all materials taught by the lecturers. “These Thai students were considered active and diligent ones. They often consulted any of their problems to us, shared their experience on their study in the faculty and so on. No wonder they could graduate from our campus within 4 years. I’m really proud of them. May they get success as soon as they got back to their country,” said Santhy Hawanti, the head of KUI UMP.

                "We're really glad to have studied in this campus. We experienced some difficulties at first, but everyone here is really helpful. The lecturers are very kind and their explanation is understandable." said Rosuenee, one of the Thai graduates.

              That’s the reason these three Thai students could graduate on time. There have been 4 students from Thailand in total who have graduated from the university. The rest of Thai students in UMP now finishing their final report/ thesis are about to graduate soon. As the alumni of UMP, they may help to expand the network for UMP internationalization by promoting and convincing other international students to study in the campus.(Novan-KUI)



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