After Visitation, UMP Is Ready to be the Provider of Darmasiswa Program from Kemdikbud RI

21 December 2016 by News and Events 72 Views

BIPA Program (Bahasa Indonesia for non-native speakers) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) is getting more advanced in less than 4 years. It is proven by the increase of foreign students taking this course. The head of International Affairs Office, Santhy Hawanti, Ph.D., said that since established in 2012 BIPA has received positive responses from society. It is reported that more than 50 participants have joined the language program. “They come from USA, Netherland, New Zealand, Morocco, Bulgaria, Korea, China, and Thailand,” Mrs. Santhy said.



The development of BIPA UMP is also currently being the topic of stakeholders’ discussion. Mrs. Santhy told that from the result of discussion and communication with the assessor team from Foreign Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Education and Culture (BPKLN Kemdikbud), UMP is now eligible to be the provider of Darmasiswa program of the ministry and will be one of 64 universities in Indonesia appointed to conduct the program.


The visitation to BIPA UMP done by the team of BPKLN Kemdikbud on last Friday (4/11) led by Dr. Musa Yosep, M.Ak (the Coordinator of the Leading Scholarship BPKLN Kemdikbud) is intended to oversee the preparedness of UMP in accepting the foreign students of Darmasiswa program (A one-year scholarship from the Government of Republic of Indonesia for foreigners to study Indonesian language and culture at universities in Indonesia)


Musa told that in 2017 there are 650 grantee of darmasiswa scholarship that will be distributed to 64 universities appointed. According to him, BIPA program of UMP is considered very good because of its 18 certified BIPA instructors. Musa is impressed with other facilities, “UMP can be the center of BIPA in Indonesia if the university is able to build up cooperation with Language Agency of Indonesia (Badan Bahasa) and the existing BIPA affiliations. It’s impressing. I am optimistic that UMP will get the opportunity to be the Darmasiswa program from 2017,” Mr. Musa said.


The Rector of UMP, Dr. H. Syamsuhadi Irsyad, MH positively responded Mr. Musa’s statement. The Rector ensures that UMP has reliable and professional human resources to conduct the BIPA Program with the predetermined standards. The Rector expects that through its BIPA Program, UMP is able to develop further communication with the countries from which the BIPA students come in order to build up a good international partnership.


Furthermore, the Head of Development and Partnership Bureau, Suryo Budi Santoso, Ph.D., uttered that BIPA UMP has a number of excellences such as certified instructors, sufficient classroom, multimedia, library, student dormitory, and culture teachers. With the existing potentials, Mr. Suryo believes that UMP is able to be the center of BIPA in Indonesia. He assures the presence of BIPA program will enable the university to create the international atmosphere in UMP. Moreover, Mr. Suryo said the darmasiswa program can bridge the university to develop other cooperation such as double degree or joint degree as long as good communication among the parties is well established. (Pra/San translated by Nov)

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