HYU SI JIN, A South Korean Studying at BIPA UMP

30 December 2016 by News and Events 98 Views

This Friday Morning, December 30, 2016, Hyu Si Jin, a Korean housewife living in Purwokerto, went to Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) to study Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). She is a student of BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia for Non-Native Speakers) Program UMP. Jin has lived in Purwokerto for four months with her husband who works in a Korean-owned company in Purbalingga and has been in the city 9 years earlier than his wife.

Living in a new country with a new language, Jin who just arrived in Indonesia in the middle of this year, found it difficult to live and communicate with Indonesians due to her inability to speak Bahasa Indonesia. Thus, she decided to enroll herself in BIPA Program UMP to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

When learning Bahasa Indonesia at UMP on the first day, Jin difficultly understood the material explained by lecturers of BIPA UMP. However, the various teaching methods from the lecturers and Jin’s effort to speak Bahasa Indonesia enabled her ability to improve gradually.

“I came to Indonesia just four months ago, and I knew nothing about this country including the language. Therefore, my husband and my Korean friends who have lived here earlier suggested me to take Bahasa Indonesia course in UMP,” Jin said.

According to Novan Andrianto, one of BIPA lecturer, Jin’s language proficiency of Bahasa Indonesia has improved compared to when she first attended the BIPA class. “Jin still finds it difficult to understand affixes in Bahasa Indonesia, but overall she has shown an improvement of her ability to speak the language,” he said.

Jin is taking the beginner level of BIPA Program which lasts for 3 months. She plans to continue the level as soon as she finishes the first one. (Nov)

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